FABER elongated bear paw - Holzrahmenschneeschuhe mit Lederbespannung

Artikelnummer 5349
Marke Faber

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Elongated Bear Paw, Leisure Lacing: Built with two tightly fit cross-bars tenons, the Elongated Bear Paw is narrower but longer than the original bear paw. This snowshoe lacks a tail easing backward steps and helping turns around obstacles. Recommended for use on trails or in mountains. The Leisure lacing is a spaced lacing, good for recreational use and decoration.

The Elongated Bearpaw is also called: Green Mountain or otter.

Traditional snowshoes are sold without bindings. If you require a set, please visit the Traditional snowshoes section. All traditional bindings will fit on all sizes and shapes of tradional snowshoes. The two members of a pair of snowshoes are identical with only the binding placement differentiating the left from the right foot.

Additional Information

The full hide lacing is made of cowhide from which we removed fur and excess fat. It’s a very strong material that is water resistant. The full hide can be cut in narrow strip to allow a Classic lacing (tight lacing, 1/4" – 6mm) recommended for dry and powder snow, or in larger stripes (1/2" - 13mm) to produce the heavy duty lacing well adapted to melting and wet snow conditions. We also use this 1/2" - 13mm lace for the Leisure lacing as it is a more spaced lacing perfect for occasional use and decoration.

We recommend storing the snowshoes in a dry cool place, protected from the sun. At the beginning of every season, we also recommend cleaning the snowshoes and re-varnishing them with an oil-based wood varnish for exterior use.

- Arched with cross-bars
- Allows larger dimension frames
- Less noisy
- Center of gravity centered
- Grooved to protect tip and heel lacing

Webbing of binding offers full rotation to ease walking and discharge of snow from shoe.